Willie Stark is an influential dancer, choreographer, performing artist, model and activist. She focuses on Urban dance, House dance & Hip Hop, African dances (from Ghana, Nigeria, Angola, Congo), some contemporary dance techniques and floor movements.
Growing up in Paris, her passion for dance begins at a young age. She attended and won several battles, performed in many dance events and started to teach and coach students in their own dance practice.

Living in Germany since 2016, she was selected for the Sprungbrett 2017, an open ended research residency that allowed her to immerse herself more in the exploration of a topic and to develop her very first solo: Melanism.
Since then, she works as a freelancer in dance projects, residencies, teaching and mentoring, companies, social projects, participated and won several battles and dance competitions a.O (Tanzhaus NRW, Pact Zolleverein, Juste Debout Paris, HAU Berlin …)

She is also interested in fashion and loves to model and collaborate with brands and photographers.

Her goal is to inspire, empower and change mentalities with her art by telling her story, giving a voice to others and spreading her love for dance.