Now and the echoes is the starting point for investigating the use of dialogue or texts to create, influence and enhance a dance performance.

An echoe is a sound wave. The sound waves leave your mouth, travel through the air, hit a hard surface, such as a wall, and then bounce back again. It’s a reflection, a reverberation, a mirror, a mirror image … It can also be a close parallel to an idea, feeling, or event. It’s a sound heard again near its source after being reflected.

How do we envision relationships between choreography and text today? Between choreographed movement and composed sound? What are my experiments involving spoken word, gesture, voice, sound, music and movement in performance? Does the dancing body have the expressive power to speak and tell beyond itself?

This work is based on letters and words. It’s my interpretation of words wrote and put together by other humans. It can be a wish, a confession, a memory that will be translated in my movements and form an echo. The dance and movement interpretation are nourished by my own experiences.

My body is the work material dictated by the echoes but what is the validity of my voice? There is a strong link and opposition to the fact that a letter is a permanent artefact while a performance is unique, never the same, that brings the text to life in order to die once its produced and reborn repeatedly. On another hand a performance can also be everlasting in time and memories. What is the validity of my voice in this research? How can I interpretate those echoes using my own experiences and being “truth” to them? Now & the echoes is an exploration of the transformation of words into movements. The creation of movements combined with emotions, in this case is a necessity. There is a comprehension between text and movements: encounters found along the exploration.

August 2018 Summer residency Tanzhaus NRW
29.09.2018 Inkubator Köln