Playing with hiding one body part but still taking its impulse to create movements

This work is an interdisciplinary research with a multi-centric evaluation of several dance disciplines: urban dance, traditional African dances and contemporary dance techniques. It is about understanding the importance of decision-making during the process of improvisation. What happens between the moment I make the decision and I take the action? That being questioned, what is the role of the external environment during the decision-making? And are modern habits, social media etc. influencing the improvisation?
What happens with adding a foreign element or object to the work? Is music influencing the creativity? 

Improvisation is central key to my dance practice and making, both as a way of generating movement material in rehearsal and performance. There’s a tendency to rely on ‘feelings’ or ‘intuition’ to shape my improvisations. I often think that ‘my body just does what it wants’ or ‘I start dancing and it just happens’. During this Recherche period, I worked with improvisation framed into several dance techniques (Urban, Contemporary and Afro).
From the perspective of focusing on the decision making, the approach adopted here is one that brings together research, observation and pure movement material in the manipulation of exercises, concepts and scores.

Where quality and interest of creative meet, results indicate that concepts, ideas and scores contribute significantly to a successful process on how, and under what conditions creativity in improvisation arise.
This research made me develop greater self-awareness in my practice, allowing me to make more informed choices about my spontaneous creative decision-making processes when improvising in order to identify habitual movement patterns and develop my movement vocabulary.
Research supported by DIS-TANZ-SOLO im Rahmen des Förderprogramms DIS-TANZEN.